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About gdvrecv

gdvrecv is a set of tools for FreeBSD to receives audio and video data from a digital camcorder via an IEEE 1394 (widely known as FireWire) link and stores them into an DV file.

This software package is composed by :
  • firewire, a Python module for the FreeBSD firewire sub system
  • dvrecv, a command line tool to receive a DV stream
  • gdvrecv, a Gtk tool to receive a DV stream
Basicaly, gdvrecv does the same thing as the fwcontrol -R command, but is more user-friendly (note : gdvrecv does not use the fwcontrol command but is based on the same system calls and share some lines of code).

You can use Kino (FreeBSD port: multimedia/kino) for editing the DV files recorded with gdvrecv.

Note : gdvrecv is written for FreeBSD 5.3 or better. Other operating systems or FreeBSD versions are not supported (but you're welcome to send me patch for other operating systems).

gdvrecv, Copyright © 2004-2007 Henri Michelon.
This product includes software developed by Hidetoshi Shimokawa.