DV Tools for FreeBSD

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Installing gdvrecv

You have the choice to install from a pre-compiled package or from the sources using the port system.

Install from the sources using the port system

Installing from the sources is the recommended way to install gdvrecv :
cd /usr/ports/multimedia/gdvrecv
make install clean

Install with the binary, pre-compiled package

To install gdvrecv, download the latest binary package (named gdvrecv-x.x.tbz) and use the pkg_add command :
pkg_add gdvrecv-x.x.tbz

Note : gdvrecv is written for FreeBSD 5.3 or better. Other operating systems or FreeBSD versions aren't supported (but you're welcome to send me patch for other operating systems).

gdvrecv, Copyright © 2004-2007 Henri Michelon.
This product includes software developed by Hidetoshi Shimokawa.